In art and fashion there are moments when designers become artists, artists become designers, or both become something different entirely.

Born in Beirut in 1980 and influenced by a cultural creative background emphasizing chaos to create masterpieces, Eliane Ziadé has left her mark on the fashion industry through her innovative designs and unique style.

From a young age, Eliane would lose herself in her own world of creativity through the doodles she drew around herself. She followed her passions; completing a degree in Fashion Design she began her career in fashion in 1997 when she worked at an American company as a creative fashion designer and a painter.

A love of adventure and new experiences then took Eliane to Qatar where she focused on painting. She enjoyed success in art circles and her paintings now adorn many of the sumptuous palaces in Qatar.

Eliane returned to fashion in 2000, when Zuhair Murad took her under his wing, becoming her first mentor and coach in the fashion industry. Gaining experience on many successful projects including trips to the UAE to design Sheikhas’ clothing, Eliane grew more confident as a designer.

Eliane became well known for her skills, creativity and artistic talent; impressing the top designers in the panel of judges, she won 2nd place on the TV Program Mission Fashion.

After Mission Fashion, Eliane worked on many fashion projects in India and Switzerland on behalf of Lebanese Designers. She also gave courses in fashion design at ESMOD in Istanbul. Eliane then had the unforgettable opportunity to work with internationally renowned fashion designer Elie Saab.

Having honed her skills over seven years in the industry, Eliane won the Innovative Fashion Award at the Lancôme Color Design Awards in Paris 2007.

Eliane’s career really took off in 2008 when she decided to work independently. Using her experience in fashion and art, she worked for Diageo as Image Consultant to the luxury brands Moët & Chandon, Smirnoff and Johnny Walker.

Eliane has matured to become an artist in the whole sense of the word. From painting to architecture, image consulting and passion for fashion, Eliane is inspired by what surrounds her; creating masterpieces through dabbling, mixing and fanciful play, her pieces have an air of futurism, combining elegance with colors and avant-garde design.

Since opening her own high-end Salon De Couture in 2009, Eliane has been using her strong skills, talented eye and rich imagination to create pieces that make her growing and enthusiastic clientele look stunning, beautiful, sensuous and gorgeous.

When asked about her inspiration, Eliane replied: “I am proud to be Lebanese, my roots inspire me.”


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